perjantai 12. elokuuta 2011

French cuisine

I am watching a TV show called 100 % Mag, magazine d’actualité, that I usually put on when I get home, just to make some noise you know. And they always have a small part of the show dedicated to food - I mean, otherwise it wouldn’t be France. Today they were presenting snails, frogs and horse… and recipes to go with.

Even though it wasn’t very appetizing, it made me laugh since I remembered a hike from two weeks ago. We planned a little, pieceful Sunday hike with one of my colleagues who said she would come with maybe a few friends and then her niece who is four years old.

Finally we wer seven - or six and a half as they counted us at a café afterwards… and we had such a good time! The little was so bubbly and full of energy and spontaneous that she made us laugh about every five minutes - and she LOVED animals. Like everything from the smallest bugs to the angry bull and one random camel we saw.

The funny thing is that she, as a real little Frenchie (despite her Polish ancestry), found almost everything edible. Like, how many little Finns would want to gather snails to be eaten at home the same evening…? She also tried (and almost managed) to catch an errant hen so that we could grill and eat her :S

Such a funny little girl :)

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