sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2011

Weekly report

Before this blog dies completely…! I’m not very much into sitting by my computer at the moment so I try and not to everytime I possibly can - these moments include pretty much sleeping, biking to work and taking a shower.

So not much is going on in my life, except for dreaming about holidays (almost there!)… And then there is the Post It at the office.

Thursday I went to the parking lot behind our office to get my bike and realized, looking up, that there indeed is some post it -art on the windows of our building. I was taking a picture (which should, eventually, end up in this blog…) when two young men appeared out of nowhere.

The guys: Do you work at spartoo?
I: Yeah… (???)
They: You have to start to participate to the post it -war! Otherwise we’ll never win. Look.

And yes, as I looked more carefully, in the buildings on the other side of the parking lot, all windows were filled with post it-art. Impressive. They have made pretty much all the Nintendo Super Mario characters and then there is Homer Simpson and Pikachu… It was pretty cool. But the guys were very serious and I don’t really see why. I mean if you don’t have anything to do at the office (it’s holiday season and last week was near dead), why not amuse yourself to do these pictures but it’s not that important :SSS

Yesterday me and another girl, from the French call centre, decided to strike back. I was dying out of boredom at my desk so it was the perfect distraction. We tried to make a shoe (freestyle, I guess the others use some kind of ready templates because otherwise they must be real artists…). Our shoe turned out pretty bad but at least we tried and amused ourselves :) And offered amusement to the other offices, there were more than one head at many of their windows looking at our direction.

Today I’ve worked worked worked. One of my least favorite jobs so far - I’m doing a documentary on serial killers and it’s repulsive… My head aches from sitting by the screen all day and the air is hea-vy, warm on the edge of a thunderstorm. On the positive note I had the time to go to the market earlier and I bought a bunch of delicious fruit, some chickpeas which just ended up into a delicious warm salad with some honeydew melon, avocado, raisins and some other stuff. Mums :)

Okay, back to the fascinating world of serial killers, then.

I’ll try to post the photos tomorrow or then next week after my deadlines!

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