perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2011

Jag är så lycklig!

I’m sooo happy right now! Just had the nicest evening for a while and now I’m recovering from the cold (!!!) weather after a nice crab shower (as my sister would say - I’m not sure about my translation, though… rapusuihku, anyone?) in my bed, very drowsy but happy. Oh, did I mention that already?

Yesterday couldn’t have been any worse. I was feeling like crap all day for no apparent reason. Nothing worked and the customers were more stupid and annoying than usually and I wanted to go running but it rained like never before. When I got home I fell straight asleep and slept for almost an hour. Felt a bit better afterwards, though, but I was still wondering a little what the hell I am doing here. I should be home where my family and friends are and not here putting up with annoyed customers…

But then, miraculously today (or maybe last night while I had the most disturbing dream where I tried to make a difference between salt and sugar to someone who just couldn’t get it) my brain has worked out some very good ideas and solutions to things that yesterday seemed impossible and exhausting to even think about.

So this evening after work I started with my new plans. I went to see a gym that looked pretty promising on the internet. They offer a wide range of classes smany of which eem very interesting to me AND they have sauna and spa compartment <3 I just wanted to know how much it costs since they won’t put it on their website. Today the place was closed so I’ll have to go back next week. I really need to get my backside moving again because otherwise I’m tired and irritated all the time.

Also, I figured, I will be needing a social life outside work and independent from Maxime. So I did what I did last summer and joined a CouchSurfing meeting. C’était bieeeen! We had a picnic in park Paul Mistral and I met some very nice people :) Afterwards we were supposed to stay in the outdoors cinema in the park Paul Mistral but after about 45 minutes I had to give up and come home, that’s how cold it is at the moment (then again, having grown up in Finland, one week of “cold” - only +20 degrees - weather doesn’t depress me the same way the French people here).

I guess my great plans look pretty ridiculously simple written here but I was really stuck on my routine of going to work, sleeping and having some social life on weekends so it’s good to shake it up a little! I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to the meeting next Wednesday too :)

Bonne nuit, dormez bien!

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