torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2011

Still alive

It’s been a little quiet here at the blog lately. Sorry for that :/

Nothing exciting has happened really, that’s why. I’ve been trying to deal with a little bit of too much work lately and was feeling pretty down. It’s NOT cool to not have any life outside work.

But I won’t bother you more with that :) I’ve had some good moments too!

This weekend I went to see my Maxime to Dôle. The weather was coldish and rainy so we didn’t do much, but it was still nice. Saturday morning he woke up at eight and went to buy croissants. I was at this point still feeling like a steamroller had hit me and went on sleeping. An hour later I got coffee in bed - or so I thought. I woke up to the lovely smell of fresh coffee, just to see him go back to the kitchen with the coffee pot the moment I finally stood up. It was just to get me up, apparently…!

We went to the marché just to laze around and ended up buying a bunch of food. Fresh fruit, tapenade de tomates confies, big pot of honey and fresh eggs. There are so many nice things there <3 I will have to show you pictures some day.

In the evening we took a tour on a second hand furniture store (Troc de l’Ile, if anyone is interested, exists in many other places in France and it definitely is worth a detour!). It was raining really hard outside and inside it felt like we went some decades back in time. It was quiet and calm and pleasantly gloomy in there. I spent a good while in the book department and bought a whole bunch of old, dusty paperbacks for just two euros :) Some of them had stood there so long they still had prices in francs in them…

In the evening it was time for dinner in a restaurant, according to our traditions. We hesitated between a very classy looking Japanese and a less fancy fish restaurant which we finally chose for economical reasons (…) and it turned out to be a very good choice. Value for the money and so on. I haven’t been feeling like eating salmon since, though. We had something called “Menu Viking” and were afraid at one point to have salmon even for dessert :D

I probably should get some work done now… Our administration site wasn’t working for a while, hence the blogging pause. But now, 13 minutes of efficient working time left before I have lunch with an Erasmus friend who just moved back to Grenoble two days ago.

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