keskiviikko 13. heinäkuuta 2011


Wow, I’m having a free week from my second job! It feels completely surreal to actually make some plans for evenings…

Today I stayed at home though. We wanted to go eat some ice cream at Place Grenette in Grenoble after work with my Finnish colleague but it started to rain about quarter to six. After a day of bright sunshine and +35 degrees… Talk about perfect timing! I got home and realized I had no idea what to do so I took a nap. Wasn’t even that tired but I guess it’s like putting money to bank :D

I’ve had some very lovely customers these past few days. What a beginning to a week… Especially the Swedish (yes, they put me to answer the Swedish customers’ e-mails too since I speak Swedish) are sometimes so dum! And they tend to give me very bad feedback which will obviously influence my bonus :( Here are some favourites:

One customer called to inform us that he had problems with delivery since he’s in prison. We thought he worked there and told him to ask the delivery to his home or to a friend but he was actually staying in the prison for a crime. The question here is: don’t the Swedish prisoners have anything else to do than order shoes online…?

Another one sent us an e-mail furious for receiving kids’ shoes. And why? He had actually asked for size 25 since his feet measure 25 cm. I told him to check the bottom of his actual shoes to see what his real shoe size is… (I was wondering if telling him to ask his mum would be too rude and decided not to try :P)

The classic case is a customer who describes a shoe for a good five minutes, gives the name of the brand and the model and the article number and what not… And I surf on the website super stressed trying to find the product. The customer repeats at least three times he/she sees the product right in front of them - on the website of the brand! I tell them they’ve called spartoo’s customer service and they get confused. Or start yelling that I’m incompetent and stupid and don’t care about our customers, don’t care about anything else than sitting on my fat ass and that I should immediately call to the shoe factory and order them the shoes they desire. As today. Grrreat.

Well, mostly I just laugh afterwards with my colleagues (after having swallowed the desire to punch someone). It’s not personal, after all… Most of the times I’m very happy when the phone rings since it changes a bit the routine. Me, who used to hate and fear talking on the phone!

Otherwise nothing new here. Thursday is a bank holiday here and I’m planning on a hike on the mountains with my Maxime and some other people. It’s going to be goooood!

On a walk in the city centre yesterday. I did a tour of all my favourite places and had a lovely time in the jardin de ville with my book and a huge ice cream. Gotta love free evenings <3

Before the rain.

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