tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2011

Parempi mieli

I’ve had a really nice day today and I’m feeling lots better already! It didn’t start that rosy at all but kept getting better towards the evening. I had a really lazy morning, I was going through some blogs and realized first around noon that it would probably be a good idea to get dressed since I had promised to drop off that flea market stuff at my friends place at 1pm and an hour later I had a meeting at this office that offers councelling for people who want to start their own business (I won’t go into details yet but I’ll definitely tell you more about this a bit later).

So I made my best effort to look decent for the meeting, then threw together everything I needed and was about to rush out the door when I realized it was raining (pouring!) outside. So I put on my mum’s raincoat, or rather rain cloak, which is pretty nice since it covers you up from head to knees and I was also wearing my rubber boots so I thought I wouldn’t get too wet. But then again I had to carry my stuff (one big plastic bag and a shoe box full of pretty heavy items) on a bike… Didn’t feel at all that glamorous to push it all through the city with water trickling down my face and my hair constantly falling on my eyes. But I managed it and luckily my friend invited me in for a while and even prepared me some coffee :)

We had a really nice little chat and after that I realized I would have to half run through the city centre to be on time in the meeting but I managed it (and it had stopped raining so I didn’t need to wear the cloak which, though practical, isn’t that pretty). The meeting was really short but I got all the information I needed so I was pretty happy.

During the afternoon I cleaned up in my room, packed some more clothes and washed two windows (I couldn’t find the “key” to open them, though, so only the insides were washed - which I was pretty happy about since in Finland we have triple windows and it’s a real pain to wash them all… believe me, I washed all the windows at my parents place during the Easter holiday!). So I was feeling very productive and decided I should have a free evening. Free from the stress, that is.

So I took a short walk in the sunshine (it was still pretty chilly) and watched one episode of Ugly Betty with my favorite kind of ice cream which you can only get in Finland (in no other country people would like it, I don’t know what this tells us about Finns :D). I was just thinking that this is one more thing I’m going to miss about Finland when I move to France but then I decided I need to stop thinking about everything I will miss and instead concentrate on the positive sides.

First of all, I will be able to spend all my weekends with my lovely boyfriend who was already planning some excursions for this summer: what do you say about a champagne festival in the French country side? Or about la nuit du vin (“the night of wine”) somewhere near Avignon later this summer? I think it sounds lovely! I have a few other places in mind, too. :) Of course the most important is for us to be able to actually see each other and spend some quality time together every week!

I’m also looking forward to seeing the Alps from my window first thing when I wake up! I’ve really missed the mountains around me and will most definitely use every chance to go hiking.
And finally I’m dying to get back to my favorite fruit and vegetable store!!! I just get so sad when I want to by some fresh food here in Finland, especially during the winter, and I can’t wait to have the quality and the selection they have in France.

Thinking about all this I genuinely feel that I’m the luckiest girl in the world :) Now I think I’ll curl up in my bed and try to finish reading The Virgin Suicides since I’ll have to hand it back to my friend from whom I borrowed it before I leave the city wednesday.

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