tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2011

Eka viikko takana

I didn’t have internet at Maxime’s place after all. And anyway I was way too busy to sit down and write… The little town where he lives celebrates every year on the weekend of Pentecoste with different theme and this year’s theme was Brass bands and circus. There was “world championships of brass band music”, though we counted only six nationalities, one of which was an invented one. It was still lots of fun! There were concerts on every corner of the historic town centre and as the weather was really nice, we ended up spending the days out, hanging on the terrasses of cafes drinking espresso and pastis and eating ice cream (I’ve found my new favourite : cinnamon ice cream). Very nice.

The weekend (even if it lasted exceptionally until Monday) went by too fast and tomorrow it’s time to get back to business once again…

I’m still on training so mostly I just sit down by someone else’s desk and follow what they do, taking notes. It’s pretty intensive so I’m very tired when the day ends. I’m looking forward to getting really working, the Finnish customer service doesn’t seem to be too charged ;) (On the other hand the sales start in a few weeks and then I think it will be worse)

It’s getting slowly better here, weather-wise. It looks like I’m finally going to need some sunscreen tomorrow :) In the evening I feel really dépaysé, as they say in French (i.e. I feel very stronly the change of environment). It get’s dark around 10pm while in Finland atm it doesn’t get dark, period. Also there are cicadas making noise outside our building which makes me feel being on vacation somewhere on the Mediterranean!

Life is very sweet right now.

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