lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Päivä elämässäni

I’ll take you with me on a tour for one day of my life, namely yesterday.

06.30 My alarm goes off. I get up within the followinf five minutes and take a look out of my window. The mountains are all blue and look like they are much further away than during the daytime… I get back to my bed and start my computer. I’ve finally started working for my second job as a freelance translator and am excited to get it going. I work a while on calibrating the program to be able to start subtitling.

07.15 I realize I need to be at work 15 minutes earlier today. I get dressed (very hard to know what to wear when it gets +30 both outside and inside the office during the day). Downstairs I’m faced with last nights dishes and feeling uninspired to start doing them I have a bread roll for breakfast instead of the usual oatmeal. Which, by the way, I need to buy in magasin bio because it’s considered some sort of hippie health food here…

08.20 On my way to the office. I cross a big park just next to our building, go past a huge shopping centre and I’m pretty much there. A small 25 minute walk. Nice. Except that today it’s hot hot hot already in the morning and I’m feeling very sticky and sweaty.

08.45 We have a meeting outside the coffee machine. I’m the only one present, though. The punctuality here… I sneak off to toilets to freshen up myself and when I get back a few other team members have shown up.

09.10 Finally everyone is here ready to start shooting our commercial film for company’s five year birthday (all the workers are divided into groups and there’s a big competition). But the cameraman is stuck in traffic jam somewhere outside Grenoble. So we wait some more.

09.40 We start our shoot. I can tell you what it was about but you have to promise me to keep quiet because it’s top secret! We did a small film about shoe addicts on an addict anonymous meeting. Everyone presents themselves (in their own language: Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish and Danish), Hi, I’m Anna, I’m a shoe addict and I haven’t ordered anything in two weeks and four days… In the end the psychologist present in the meeting receives a phone call where it is confirmed that her shoes have arrived. After, everyone else’s phones start ringing and it ends in evereyone rushing out. To buy shoes. It doesn’t maybe sound that funny told like this but I think it’s going to be pretty good!

10.30 Back to work. My Finnish colleague leaves to her group’s shooting and I, feeling brave, activate my phone. And I receive a call, yuppii! The client doesn’t actually need anything so it’s an easy case. I’m still pretty happy about myself :) The rest of the morning I translate product descriptions.

12.00 Lunch break. We go down to a small park right next to the building where we work and settle down in the shade of a tree. It’s very hot. I’m wearing spf 50 sun screen and even in the shade my skin goes reddish… We’re laughing a lot, as usual, and at 1pm I’m feeling ready to attack the translations with new energy.

14.30 Hot hot HOT. We start the air conditioner and, as always, in about five minutes the French girls next to our office knock to our window to inform us that they are freezing.

15.00 It starts to rain. I’ve never seen anything like this - it is literally pouring down, we can see about one meter outside the window. The mountains have dissappeared completely. The air gets much fresher, very nice!

17.00 Time to go home. Yayyy! I manage to get home without getting wet - perfect timing :)

18.00 I’m feeling restless and don’t feel like sitting down to my computer again to start working on my translation just yet. I decide to go do weekend’s grocery shopping now already. My Frenchie is coming down this weekend (I find this French way of monter and descendre in their country, depending on whether you’re going to south or north, very funny) and I’m out of some basics, such as cheese, bread, wine and jam.

19.00 I’m done with shopping and get outside the store. It’s raining again and this time there’s lightning and thunder, too! I hurry home, afraid that the wheat flour I bought would turn into dough in the rain…

20.00 I have some unimaginative pasta for dinner and finally attack my translation. My room-mate calls to inform she’s coming home a bit late tonight which means I can concentrate in peace and quiet.

22.00 -ish. Charlotte finally gets home and we chit chat for a while both sitting behind our computer screens trying to get some work done.

23.15 I decide it’s time to shower and go to bed. I fall asleep in about two seconds…

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