tiistai 7. kesäkuuta 2011

Je suis là

I’ve finally arrived to France. Yesterday afternoon, to be more precise. It hasn’t really sunk in to me, though.

On Saturday we were celebrating my brother’s graduation. I hadn’t exactly finished packing yet and when one of my aunts, the one living in Helsinki right next to the airport, suggested that I come stay at her place the last night I started panicking. I wasn’t mentally prepared to leave my family just yet. I ended up crying like a baby and finishing packing my stuff in a hurry… I seem to have forgot about half of all the small stuff I still wanted to pack. Oh well.

Since leaving home I’ve felt pretty unreal. Everything went really smoothly: I slept really well the night before leaving, there were no problems on the airports, I even got some sleep on my flight and on the bus from Geneva to Grenoble. Maxime was waiting for me with a little basket of fresh rasberries and he took me to my appartment. The appart is very nice, as is my roommate, and once the weather gets better I’ll provide you with a picture of the view from my window. I can see the mountains and the sunrise <3

My first day in the office went well, too. I’m in the same room with a very international team: one other Finnish girl, one Dane, one Swede and three Italians. We receive phone calls from all the four countries and it’s really funny to listen to several discussions in two or three different languages in the same time! In general all the people working in the office are young (I seem to be the youngest though) and the ambiance is relaxed. There are regularly soirées and sorties and they really seem to care about our well-being. I get always foolishly happy about little things like us having right to some free refreshments during the day, or being able to sit out in a park to have luch… I’m very easy to please, you know!

All in all everything seems very nice, but as I said, I haven’t really understood yet that I’m not on holidays (I get that feeling all the time because the air smells warm and humid, very unlike the Finnish summer breeze). I will stay here, for a good while.

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