perjantai 7. lokakuuta 2011

Ja niin saapui syys

Autumn is here, this time for good I think. It’s hard to believe last weekend we were walking around in t-shirts - now I’m very happy to wrap myself up in sweaters and scarves and get energy kicks from riding my bike in crisp morning air that makes my cheeks turn pink ! I also love the sort of gloomy light in the evening and the dark rainy nights such as yesterday, when the mountains dissapear into clouds and fog… It’s such a cliché but it makes me shiver pleasantly looking outside into the cold rain and crawling up on my bed with a warm, purring cat right next to me. I love autumn <3

There are some less pleasant sides in autumn / winter, though. I bought 2 kilos of apples today (…) and realized afterwards that my last winter’s apple allergy has come back. I don’t get it. Why do I only get rash from apples when it’s cold outside ? Oh well. I’ll have to content myself with the beautiful kakis I just bought at my favourite fruit and veggie store. It’s the season. The guy in the store is so passionate about his products, he always makes me smile :) You know, the way the veggie guy in Amélie Poulain ?

These two last pics are from Finland, from about a year ago. That’s absurd. (also the other photos are from last autumn in Finland, here we don’t have those beautiful colours yet)

I’m going to attack my kakis now and prepare myself mentally to this weekend of intense scouting. Have a sweet weekend everyone <3

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