torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

Random rant

Feeling a bit down today. I’m all bloated and my muscles hurt. Also, I went to sleep at midnight Monday and 1am yesterday - just to wake up at 6am to work a bit. To top it all off it’s raining like hell and the temperature dropped like 10 degrees overnight. Grrreat.

I wanted to go to the gym today, to a course called Bodybalance. It’s so nice and relaxing and still very efficient (efficace? I’m too lazy to check words on dictionary today :D) - hence the hurting muscles. But I’m working until 6pm and I still have a lot of work to do at home so I think I will have to leave it to another time. It will be another night spent in front of my computer, trying to find a comfortable position to work (but not too comfortable to fall asleep in the middle).

So, nothing exciting is going on in my life, as usual. I’m not feeling very inspired to write, as if you wanted to hear again and again how boring everything is. (and right as I was typing this, my Italian colleagues put some traditional music on and started to dance. guess I’m not the only one bored here)
On days like this I really crave colour. And yet I find myself dressed in different shades of grey and navy blue with some touches of brown. Y-A-W-N. I sort of envy my sister who can wear all the colours of the rainbow in the very same outfit. I don’t envy her choice of clothing, I could wear same sort of combos but I choose not to. But I envy the way she doesn’t care how ridiculous someone might think she is. I care too much…

But also I find that in France the choice is very limited. In the summer you can find bright colours and pretty patterns but come october and everyone starts wearing black, grey and brown.What’s the logic? Now that it’s either grey or black outside, why not brighten up with some colour…? I need to work on this one.
One morning in Dole we woke up to this weird noise and went to the window, unable to identify the source. In about a minute we saw a hot-air balloon that rose from some nearby location to the bright blue sky. It was so pretty… Now Maxime is talking about a balloon ride (two weeks ago it was paragliding, what’s next?)

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