tiistai 25. lokakuuta 2011


The weekend just disappeared somewhere. What happened ? I spent Friday and Saturday evenings in front of my computer waiting for Maxime to come home from town where he was meeting some friends. Saturday there was scout reunion and yesterday (after the rugby world cup final that France lost) I mostly slept because I was having the worst headache ever…

Magnus must have known it was Monday this morning. He was being such a pain in the backside. He mewed til I got tired of it and let him out. Then I realized it was raining and had to go run on the balcony in my woolly socks to catch him. He didn’t appreciate being (literally) thrown in and started to mew again… Such a peaceful beginning for this week.

Now I’m feeling a bit more zen. The mountains outside are so pretty with the autumn colours and I have Radiohead on my headphones. I will survive this week and Friday I will take the train with Magnus to go chez Maxime for four long days ! With nothing more exciting to do than watching Gilmore girls, reading a book, cooking or going to cinema. It will be sweet <3
photos : weheartit (once again, I’m getting addicted…)

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